e.g.,Dexamethasone; 50-02-2    e.g.,ABL1; P00519    e.g., mir-10    e.g.,mk;   

What is HAMdb?

Autophagy is an important homeostatic cellular recycling mechanism which plays a key role in diverse pathologies. The goal of HAMdb is to provide the up-to-date information of existing autophagy-related modulators (proteins, chemicals and microRNA) including their specific effect on autophagy, pathway and disease information. Additionally, some basic information (structural and physicochemical information) and most commonly used links are also added to provide more details.

How to use?

HAMdb is easy to use for researchers. For chemical searching, general name, synonyms, trade names terms and CAS number can be used as an input (Example: search for Dexamethasone, the following terms can be used: "Dexamethasone", "MK 125" or "50-02-2"). A specific protein can query using gene name, synonyms, and uniport ID (Example: search for ABL1 can query using "ABL1" or "P00519"). As to microRNA, the general name can be used for searching (Example: mir-10 can be queried using "mir-10").

News & Updates

  • Version 1.0(2016-8-8). The HAMdb Version 1.0 was released.
  • Version 1.2(2016-8-8). 523 proteins Information including 'Identification', 'Biological behaviors', ‘External links’ and autophagy information.
  • Version 1.3(2016-9-10). 273 proteins with comprehensive information were added.
  • Version 1.4(2017-3-14). 841 autophagy-related chemicals and 11 microRNA were added.
  • Version 1.6(2017-6-17). detailed references and organism information of protein were added.
  • Version 1.8(2017-8-09). physicochemical properties were calculated for chemicals.
  • Version 2.0(2017-8-23). Fixed bug.