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What's ADMETlab

ADMETlab is a platform for systematic ADME/T evaluation of drug molecules. It provides a rapid way to predict pharmacokinetic properties by using 24 well-optimized SAR models. 5 druglikeness rules and 1 specific model are provided for users to analyze druglikeness. Further, it includes a well-organized ADME/T database (208,967 entries) that can be used to search similar compounds and make a comparison conveniently. It also can be used to make a comprehensive evaluation to obtain meaningful and constructive suggestions of molecular optimization by performing the systematic evaluation. In addition, ADMETlab created a user-friendly interface to accomplish these jobs just by clicking mouse.

Main functionalities

Druglikeness analysis. Click here>>

ADME/T evaluation. Click here>>

Similarity searching based on ADME/T database. Click here>>

Systematic ADME/T assessment. Click here>>

ADMETlab is supported by CBDD Group, Xiangya School of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Central South University. Use services and download of the data, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes requires explicit permission of the authors and the original publication (see below). Users who use these services should cite the paper in any resulting publications.

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